In Control3.0

Internal control, internal control, simply “in control” as a foundation for a well-organized company.

Constant changes in laws and regulations, market developments and technology also require that SMEs + are better “in control” of their risks, performance and operations. This requires continuous monitoring.

Coney Assurance supports SMEs + companies with the data-driven design of these “in control” systems. Think of alert systems around critical transaction flows, insight into financial performance and business processes.

The company is in the lead, we think and help.

The goal is smart management, insight into performance, risks and controls.

We always do this in collaboration with team members of our clients and is often an extension of our natural advisory function as external auditors.

Of course we also use our knowledge and data-driven mindset at SMEs + companies that already have a different accounting firm for the audit of the financial statements. It is also great to work together in this triangle.

“In control” projects consist of knowledge sharing sessions (workshops), advising and setting up data-driven controls or sharpening (re-using) existing internal controls. Our 3.0 accountancy team consists of experienced auditors, data analysts and internal control professionals.

We teach SMEs + entrepreneurs to be “in control” in a data driven way.

These are projects that we build up in logical steps, with the focus on timely monitoring of risks, performance and functioning of internal controls and improving, tightening up.

Red Alerts & Exceptions at transaction level are the results of “in control” systems.

Assembly, Cause Analysis and Follow-up go hand in hand. Data driven “in control”.

We see a transformation from manual checks & balances to data-driven “in control”. As far as we are concerned, companies are increasingly using data analysis to get a better grip on risks, performance and the functioning of internal control.

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